Art Critique by Dr. Michaela Preiner (pdf)
VITA of Mia Florentine Weiss

I´m an angel what are you?

The Art-Angel with her illuminated wings is a symbol of light and reflects upon everything that is missing in our world. The majority of people associate beauty, pureness und faith with an imagery of an angel. Each different performance symbolizes society´s longing for love. Art-Angel plays with her very own angel projection and questions the mechanism of our world with it´s standards depending on where the angel appears. Whether in crowded cities, next to the homeless in the slums or simply isolated with her reflection in the mirror, the spontaneous performances at various places challenges the audience to react subconsciously honest. Have you seen an Angel before? The Art-Angel projection reflects dreams but also despair like a human mirror.

The heavy weight of the wings, symbolize the burden we have to carry in our world of disorder. Just like a human being trapped in a cage of pressure, envy and fear the Angel feels imprisoned on earth. How can we be free if we are different? By asking yourself: “What is your dream behind the role you play in your life?” you get face to face with your very own desire.

The Art Angel can be seen as the shiny surface of our shady world and at the same time it´s the beginning of a dark evil represented by the bloody Angel carrying the blood of the world on her angel hands. This performance breaks with the beautiful imagery of an Angel  - just like a broken mirror.

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la
Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula

Every image of an angel has been shown, every story of Los Angeles has been told. The myth of both is equally great. City scenery and angel imagery glow in people´s minds and reality only flashes through the letters of the Hollywood sign. The Art-Angel in the City of Angels sounds cliché-ridden but Weiss´s unfiltered interpretation safes it. Instead of capturing only the setting, Weiss concentrates on the reaction of the people: “Hey angel, are you my way to salvation?” a homeless asks while Weiss walks side by side with Jesus at the sea. For the performance in Venice beach, the artist transformed her physical appearance into a “broken Angel” reminding the audience of the homeless she visits.
Art-Angel in Los Angeles is not about angels nor the cosmopolitan city but it´s inhabitants and their reactions towards a walking angel in the streets. This time not the artist´s poems are the basis of the urban performances but the “people´s poetry” all around the Art-Angel´s appearance: “Holy shit, I gotta hung up – I just saw an angel!” Poetry can be sweet but also bitter and it´s this contradiction, which makes both sides of the Art-Angel visible: light and dark - beautiful and evil.