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1980 * Wuerzburg, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, USA
1999 World trip, research for the global art project What Is Your Place Of Protection?
2000 Study of Fashion, Journalism and Media Communication,
AMD (Academy of Fashion and Design), Hamburg, Germany
2004 – 2006 Lived in New York, USA
2006 Publication of 3 books of poetry;
Sexy And Sad, Angry And Mad;
Wo fängst Du an, wo hör ich auf? (Where do you begin, where do I end?);
Grosses Stück vom kleinen Glück (A big piece of a little luck)
2007 – 2009  The Metra Concept, an LED-tunnel based on the artist’s leitmotiv of a womb,
Hong Kong, China;
Began withdrawing and storing blood for artworks up to present;
Building a poetry tank with artist’s blood, Los Angeles, USA
  Studied acting at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin, Germany;
When Did You Write Your Last Love Letter?, a series based on the correspondence
with Jonathan Meese
2008 Poetry on Skin 1, performance with the Himba tribe Namibia, Africa;
Poetry on Skin 2, But All Art Wants Enternity, following Nietzsches Footsteps, Monastry, Spain;
Poetry on Skin 3, The Master And The Muse, mentored by Nikolai Makarov, Berlin, Germany
2009 – 2010 Kamikaze Lover, performances of living poems, Moscow, Russia;
Police Shields, a series of 5 protection shields inscribed with the artist’s blood,
Frankfurt, Germany
  Warrior For Love, performance with illuminated LED-shield and -sword, India;
What Is Your Place Of Protection?, founding of Art Protector Global Art Project;
Digital poetry launch online of 54 poem clips to the answer of protection
2011 Poetry on Second Skin, Art Pieces by Comma Fashion, Cologne, Hamburg, Germany,
and Vienna, Austria; LED-installations for severeal stores;
Burning Angel, Art-Angel performance, Burning Man, Nevada, USA;
Landing On The Hollywood Sign, Art-Angel performance, Los Angeles, USA;
Bloody Angel, Art-Angel performance, Art Miami, USA;
Art-Angel, group show, Mr. Brainwash Art Show, Los Angeles, USA
2012 Angel of Light, group show, Luminale, Frankfurt light & building;
Art Protector Show 2012: Welcome to the War of Art, Frankfurt, Germany;
What Is Your Place of Protection?, performance, Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany;
Blinded by the Art of Money, performance, Art Basel 2012, Switzerland;
Places of Protection, solo show, Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany;
Hollywood Souvenirs, group show, Innsbruck, Austria;
Beginning of the Art Walk Series, the artist in dialogue with people of the creative world;
Breathing nothing, 24-hour performance inside an isolation cell at a German prison;
Peace never sleeps, 24-hour performance in an original prison bed at Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany;
My Body Is My Shield, performing the first shield of the 5 police shields at a German prison
2013 What Is Your Place of Protection?, video-installation at Prêt à Diner, Berlin, Germany;
What Is Your Place of Protection?, video-installation (on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of Art Karlsruhe the video-installation will be installed as an uterus), Staatstheater, Karlsruhe, Germany;
Art(ist) Born!, solo show, Art Depot, Innsbruck, Austria;
Female Jesus and Persistence, 2 cooperation performances with the Danish artist Thierry Geoffroy, Venice Biennale, Italy;
Pegasus, installation, in cooperation with Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany;
Art(ist) Dead!, solo show, Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany;
Those In Love Live in Fear
, Gallery Art Depot Innsbruck, Austria;
Peace Never Sleeps / Digital Autism, Gallery weekend Berlin at Morgen Contemporary project space. Weiss spent the whole duration during this art weekend in bed, digitally infected by Autism. She did not speak with the exhibition spectators directly, but only through the internet via I-phone, I-pad and laptop. These intense conversations were broadcasted live via Berlin´s online magazine Art Parasites around the globe. The world in bed? Weiss's interpretation of this notion suggests a multi-medial apocalypse of the last retreat in our slowly eroding private sphere. The overstimulation resulting from the omnipresence of digital media today has reached the point where our most cherished retreat—the bed—has mutated into a multimedia stronghold;
Symposium 3.7, Berlin Art week, cooperation with Epicentro Art and Morgen Contempoary in Berlin. Solo-show which puts Platon´s Symposium into the focus of this exhibition as well as both - fear and longing – which are caught in the tension between the sublimely distant notion of art. The human-as-animal, the mother-and-child, and the illusive metaphor of the shield—both protecting and revealing transparently the artist standing behind it or lying precariously beneath it—all capture and comment upon themes deeply rooted in human duality. The exhibition also consisted of another incubator-performance with a living dachshund under the titel:
The dachshund is the true rabbit! (Hommage á Beuys!);
What is your place of protection?, exhibition for the Business School Berlin Potsdam, at the beginning of the semester October 2013;

Place of Protection, Survivors-Performance-Preview, Berlin Löwenpalais, Stiftung Starke, a once in a life time performance since the artist was pregnant at the time. This „tableau vivant" was part of the group exhibition SURVIVORS, curated by Prof. Wolfgang Petrick (Universität der Künste Berlin);
Hollywood Hallelujah, „Stay different" group show, Kameha Suite in Frankfurt, Main;

Group shows (selection)
2011 Art-Angel, Mr. Brainwash Art Show in Los Angeles, USA;
2012 Angel of Light, Luminale, Frankfurt light & building;
Hollywood Souvenirs, Innsbruck, Austria;
2013 What is your place of protection?, video-installation at Prét á Diner, Berlin as well as Art Karlsruhe, Germany;
2014 SURVIVORS preview, Place of Protection
The total apocalypse of our hearts, SURVIVORS group show exhibition, Löwenpalais Stiftung Starke, Berlin
dreams, sounds & strange reality – a poetic installation curated by Prof. Wolfgang Petrick (Universität der Künste Berlin);
Hollywood Halleluja, group show, Kameha Suite Frankfurt;
Jenny Falckenberg group show, Hamburg;
Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg (;


Her work features in international private collections in Germany, England, the USA and China


For further information please contact:
Angelika Watzl